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The Department benefits from the expertise of 59 members of staff who are specialists in the various subject areas (history, law, sociology, statistical science, anthropology, psychology, economics, political science and languages) covered by our degree courses.

Among them are winners of prestigious international and national awards, such as the Harvard University’s Goldsmith Award or the US Marshall Memorial Fellowship; members of international groups and committees, such as the OCDE’s Expert Group on Disparities; advisors to organizations such as the World Bank, the United Nation Higher Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the United Nation Committee for Development Policy; individuals with key roles within national agencies and centres, such as ISTAT (Italian National Institute of Statistics), ANAC (Italian National Anti-Corruption Authority) and the Perugia-based SGRT (School of Journalism and Broadcasting). Other members of staff are coordinators of research projects of national and international interest in the field of anthropology, economics, law, linguistics, psychology, sociology, statistics and history; columnists for national newspapers and editors of important academic journals and prestigious series; authors of monographs and manuals published by prestigious national and international publishers.