Social theory of migration; migration policies in Italy and Europe, with particular reference to the Mediterranean area; international migration and development from a historical perspective; Moroccan communities in Umbria, second generations in Italy; anti-immigration rhetoric; migration flows and growth of populism in Italy; refugees in Italy and Europe; communicative dimension of migration processes, in relation to linguistic and translational aspects; public discourse on immigration.

Scientific domains (SSD)
IUS/13; IUS/14; L-LIN/10; M-DEA/01; M-STO/04; SECS-P/01; SECS-P/02; SPS/06; SPS/07; SPS/13
ERC Sectors
SH1_3; SH1_5; SH1_6; SH2_3; SH3_1; SH3_2; SH3_8; SH4; SH5; SH6; SH6_8; SH6_9; SH6_10;