Labor market; historical transformation of work; income and contracts; rights; historical aspects of business enterprise; labor organization; trade union representation in the workplace and at company level; dynamics of labor supply and demand; productive fabric; human capital; training; employment conditions; labor migration; measurement and mapping of unemployment; workplaces; smart-working; gender equality; working conditions; consequences of robotics and information technology; globalization of labor market and human capital.

Scientific domains (SSD)
IUS/07; SECS-P/01; SECS-P/02; SECS-P/12; SECS-S/01
ERC Sectors
PE1_14; SH1_3; SH1_5; SH1_6; SH1_9; SH1_11; SH2; SH3_1; SH3_2; SH3_8; SH6_8