Policies for the protection of vulnerable groups of the population and intervention networks for social integration, social enterprise; third sector code and prospects for reform; welfare mix and the relationship between public and private in social protection systems; social investment and the role of the third sector; constitutional principles that govern the construction of public policies, with particular reference to social policies; principles of participation, solidarity, horizontal subsidiarity and cooperation; planning of social policies and participation of stakeholders; forms of public-private collaboration in the realization of the general interest; guarantees of inclusiveness; macro-economic aspects of budgetary policies and/or health care regulation; fiscal federalism; problems of measurement and monitoring in the context of the process of revision of the quality indicators of Essential Levels of Care (Livelli Essenziali di Assistenza – LEA); corporate social responsibility (CSR) in business strategies from the perspective of sustainability; CSR communication and policies in terms of accountability in the context of sustainability; link between CSR and competitive advantage; psycho-social dynamics of human action: emotions, conflicts, practices, institutions; secularization process, unbelief and secular ceremonies.

Scientific domains (SSD)
IUS/09; MDEA/01; SECS-P/01; SECS-P/03; SECS-P/07; SPS/07
ERC Sectors_4; SH1_5; SH1_12; SH2_1; SH2_2