Quality of institutions, public ethics and anti-corruption policies; measurement of "good governance" and corruption; organization of the  "right to good administration"; representation of corruption in the media, and representation of the politicization of corruption in the public debate; ethical behaviour; the  relationship between administrative organization and effectiveness of rights, with specific reference to the definition of the duties incumbent on the public administration; forms of government, political representation, political-institutional arrangements; contrasting corruption risks in the post-covid economic reconstruction; transparency as a factor of quality of institutions; mediators of transparency; public ethics and the principle of responsibility; evaluation of policies and services.

Scientific domains (SSD)
IUS/09; IUS/10; M-PSI /05; SECS-S/01; SECS-S/05; SPS/01; SPS/04
ERC Sectors
PE1_14; PE6; LS7_10; SH1; SH1_7; SH2; SH2_1; SH2_7; SH2_8; SH3; SH4; SH4_12; SH5_10