Women's literary writing and the creation of actual and symbolic writing spaces between the 19th and 20th centuries; the construction of gender identity in popular culture ; the representation of gender roles in the media; the female body in religions; reproductive health in Umbrian hospitals; medically assisted procreation techniques; history of women in the contemporary world; history of reproductive control policies; history of family law reform and history of counselling centres; reproductive rights; the effects of sexism on women's job performance; support for victims of gender-based violence; negative consequences of traditional views of masculinity on men's psychophysical health; gender-related issues in administrative organization and public policies; minors and gender identity issues; protection of intersex and transgender people.

Scientific domains (SSD)
IUS/01; IUS/12; L-LIN/04; L-LIN/12; L-LIN/10; M-DEA/01; M-PSI /05; M-STO/04; SPS/08
ERC Sectors
SH2; SH2_1; SH2_3; SH3; SH3_7; SH3_10; SH4_4; SH5; SH6; SH6_12