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The Master's degree Programme in International Relations aims to provide a multidisciplinary knowledge of international relations, and offers advanced training on different areas: history, political science, economics, language and translation studies, and international institutions.  It enables students to strengthen their skills to analyse the most important global trends and obtain an in-depth insight of the key disparities among different regions around of the world. The MA degree in International Relations offers a choice between three curricula:

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The Master’s degree in Migration, Globalisation and World Governance is delivered entirely in English. Continue reading for further information >>.

The International Conflicts, Strategic Studies and Foreign Policy Analysis program is structured so as to introduce students to the key concepts and theories necessary to understand the features of contemporary international conflict studies and security issues.

The International Cooperation and State Building program focusses on key issues addressed by global policy, and provides students with the training and knowledge necessary to lead policy development in an increasingly interdependent world as regards financial-economic, and human relations aspects of international cooperation and state building projects

Requirements for Incoming Students

A 1st cycle three-year degree (or other corresponding qualification obtained abroad) in Political Science and International Relations or in related disciplines (Economics, Sociology, Political Science) is required. Applications will be evaluated by a committee of the Department of Political Science.