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The MA degree in Social Politics and Services is designed to meet the career development needs of social work professionals. You will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct assessments, build stronger communities, and develop and monitor interventions to solve social and personal problems in government, private, profit and non-profit organizations. The program prepares professionals expert in policy analysis and human services management in order to promote social cohesion and inclusion, as well as gender, culture and generational diversity. The MA degree offers a choice between two curricula:

  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Social Policy Planning

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The emphasis of the Social Entrepreneurship program is on preparing professionals able to manage, structure and lead successful entrepreneurial organizations effective in the production of goods and services of public utility, as well as in the promotion of equality and opportunity.

The emphasis of the Social Policy Planning program is on the ability to prepare, plan and organize social policy interventions. Students will focus on areas such as policy analysis, administration and program development and supervision.

The degree in Social Politics and Services (both curricula) enables students to apply for the State Examination, required for a career as professional social worker.

Requirements for Incoming Students

A 1st cycle three-year degree in Social Work, or at least 60 credits in this area. Applications will be evaluated by a committee of the Department of Political Science.