The MA degree in Public, Digital and Business Communication includes interdepartmental courses offered by the Department of Political Science and the Department of Humanities. Classes are held at the Department of Political Science. The MA degree prepares professionals equipped to design and manage digital media projects. Students learn how to critically reflect on digital media practices, audiences, law, policy and products with an emphasis on the public administration and business sectors. The MA degree offers a choice between two curricula:

  • Digital Media
  • Business Communication

Click here for a catalogue and descriptions of the courses in the curricula.

The Digital Media program is designed for students who want to create and manage digital media projects. In order to develop professional expertise and skills students will become acquainted with digital research and communication techniques, aspect of legal models and regulations in the digital environment, data gathering and management research, political language and systems, and the new media.

The Business Communication curriculum is designed for student who want to focus on business communication in small and medium sized enterprises but also in larger multinational companies. You will learn about organizational, legal and political aspects of these organizations, as well as about practical and theoretical aspects of communication. These include knowledge of communication strategies, marketing, advertising, market research, as well as the management of communication processes within public and private, for-profit and non-profit institutions.

The MA degree program in Public, Digital and Business Communication may count on a network of public and private institutions throughout Italy where students undertake work placement. Vocational workshops run by communication professionals bridge the gap between higher education and the profession.

Requirements for Incoming Students

A 1st cycle three-year degree in Communication Science or in Political Science and International Relations, or at least 60 credits in these areas, including foreign language requirements. Applications will be evaluated by a committee of the Department of Political Science.