The MA degree in Politics, Administration and Territorial Development provides students with interdisciplinary knowledge at the intersection of fields of study such as politics, law, history, sociology, economics and statistics. The program will equip you with strong analytical tools in order to synthesize, analyse, and offer solutions to public policy and administration problems, and apply your knowledge and skills in a professional setting. The MA in Politics, Administration and Territorial Development degree offers a choice between three curricula:

  • Politics and Institutions
  • Territorial Development Policies
  • Administrative Science

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The Politics and Institutions program combines theoretical approaches with empirical knowledge and real-world case studies. Students will be given the opportunity to debate and engage with the everyday practicalities of politics, the first step in a rewarding and stimulating career.

The Territorial Development Policies program aims to train professionals dedicated to local development and involved in the management and transformation of urban and rural environments. The program emphasizes the exchange of knowledge and experiences, and the establishment of networks for cooperation and development.

The Administrative Science program aims to provide educational and professional development for highly qualified and skilled public administrators, seeking leadership positions in public and non-profit agency administration.

Requirements for Incoming Students

A 1st cycle three-year degree in Political Science and International Relations, Legal Services, Administrative Science or Economics, or at least 60 credits in these areas, including foreign language requirements. Applications will be evaluated by a committee of the Department of Political Science.