social work

The BA degree in Social Work is designed to equip students with the skills required in public and non-profit organisations in the analysis and management of human services. You will develop the abilities, values and knowledge which characterize professions geared to provide assistance and support to individuals or communities and which are necessary for social work practice. You will be introduced to various theories related to the influence of the social environment on human behaviour and will gain knowledge about social institutions and social structures, families, organizations, communities and social movements.

Because of its emphasis on professional careers, the degree includes supervised practice associated with required courses, providing experience in a wide range of subject areas. During the second and third year you will be able to undertake work placement under the guidance of experienced professional social workers in private and public institutions. Advice and support before and during the internship is offered by the Work Placement Office (Sportello Orientamento Stage). Foreign language services are offered in collaboration with the university language centre (CLA).